Boring & Scary Stuff About Blogs

Responsibility of a Blogger A blog has a good reach and is a proper platform for bloggers to gain popularity. After gaining popularity, some bloggers try to shift focus from blogging to using other platforms of reaching the public. Some critics mention and worry that bloggers don’t consider copyright infringement and realize that as bloggers

Types, Types, Types...

A blogger has area of focus. That area usually defines the kind of blog that shall be written. Apart from the area of focus, the way the content is presented also counts. Personal blogs A personal blog is more of a diary or the way an individual feels about a part of his or her

There Is Always Revolution Around The Corner

Although the start was slow, blogging gained rapid popularity. Blog usage spread during 1999 and the years following, being further popularized by the near-simultaneous arrival of the first hosted blog tools: Open Diary launched in October 1998 by Bruce Ablesonin grew to thousands of online diaries. It initiated the reader comment, becoming the first blog community

How It All Began...

On 17 December, 1997, Jorn¬† Barger coined the term weblog, making the meaning obvious. (Web log meant a log maintained on the web). Later in 1999, Peter Merholz broke the word to “we blog” and came up with what the world calls a blog now. ‘Blog’ also works as a verb. ‘We blog’ would mean